Tarrant County Leader in Child Abuse


Tarrant County is leading the state with highest number of confirmed child abuse cases in Texas.  Houston has 6,000 less victims yet has three times more children. What is happening in our region to perpetuate all this child abuse?

Courts order families to participate in FBSS, family based safety services, as part of the family’s service plan when CPS is a party in the case.  FBSS are designed to prevent a child from being removed from their home.  Tarrant County tops the list by ordering FBSS more than any other region.

A faith-based  father’s rights organization located on the second floor of the Tarrant County family courthouse called NewDay Services has been awarded federal and state grants to educate CPS and help engage fathers about their role in the family.  According to CPS’s questionable research, mothers are more often the perpetrator in child abuse than fathers. In 2012, CPS reports  the parent as the perpetrator 40%  of the time in Tarrant whereas Houston shows parent only 24% of the time.  Why are Tarrant County family courts ordering families to attend training from an organization designed to support the father and not the mother?

For a decade, NewDay Services has been awarded numerous Fatherhood Grants from the DFPS and the American Humane Association to develop “The Father’s Toolkit.  A Guide To Navigating Child Protective Services” to provide navigation through the CPS system.  Information in the guide includes legal advice and resources not marketed to mothers. click here

NewDay Services is awarded grant money to write curriculum and train all CPS supervisors and investigators in Texas.  Could this be a conflict of interest to award Newday Services as the FBSS provider in CPS cases when clearly their expertise is male only audiences?

For over a decade Tarrant County  has lead the state with the most child abuse cases while tens of millions of dollars have been pouring into the county to address the problem .  Clearly, our tax dollars are going to a prejudice organization in child custody cases that is not making a positive impact.

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