Tarrant County receives money to promote fatherhood agenda

Tarrant County Family CourthouseKNOW BEFORE YOU GO FACT:

Tarrant County receives grant money to promote fatherhood agenda in courtroom.

Many people are surprised to find out just how close the working relationship is with Child Protective Services (CPS) and the family courts. Within the Tarrant County Family Court there is a faith based father’s rights organization, NewDay Services, that has had free office space since 2005. This non-profit organization receives state grant money to train Texas CPS investigators and supervisors.

Their program ‘navigates’ men through the family court and CPS process during their custody case. Usually the fathers will go through a 12 week workshop with Newday Services and are rewarded with a graduation ceremony. Their employers, family and family court judges are invited to the ceremonies. Isn’t this a conflict of interest for a judge to attend one of their litigant’s graduation ceremonies without the opposing litigant present?

Click here for more details of the relationship between CPS, Tarrant County and NewDay Services. 

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