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Protective Parents Coalition (PPC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to one simple but powerful belief; The rights of Texas families and children must be upheld within family courts.  All too often, we hear from Texas families who have been destroyed by Tarrant County Family Courts. In some instances, the court has acted in a reckless and harmful manner.

Our Texas courts should guarantee the protection of children and PPC is on watch.  One of the most important programs we have is The Court Watching Program. We invite constituents to sit in on family court cases and monitor the court and judges. We started this program because the Tarrant County Court lacks checks and balances. There are no digital recording devices in the courts, no video cameras and, in associate judges courts, no court reporters. The Court Watching Program has been highly effective and we invite you to participate.

PPC is currently pursuing additional initiatives to help Texas families involved in litigation.

1) Requiring digital recording devices in all family court rooms.
2) Providing equal access to pro se litigants.
3) Updating the Texas Family Code to prevent immunity in court appointments.
4) Educating Texas families about the process.

However, these initiatives cannot be accomplished without your help. We need the support of Texas families, families like you! We need your support.  Our organization relies heavily on private donations – from the community, law firms, corporations, foundations, and individuals. PPC provides essential services to help hundreds of Texas families. We want to continue these efforts.

It is this generous private support that allows us to be a powerful and positive force in the lives of hundreds of Texans each year. We hope you will join in supporting PROTECTIVE PARENTS COALITION fight for Texas families.  

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