Protective Parents Coalition (PPC) provides assistance to families in distress by providing information and navigation assistance through the family courts. Through the PPC’s weekly court watching program, volunteers are dedicated to provide an impartial assessment of the effectiveness of family courts in dealing with custody, visitation, support and property issues. The current court watching project focuses on the Tarrant County family courts in Fort Worth, Texas.


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We encourage community involvement in our judicial system.  Our courts belong to the citizens.  The Court Watching Program promotes accountability, transparency and public awareness of just how broke our family courts are.  There is no oversight therefore we need volunteers to document activities, behaviors and outcomes inside family courts.  The information in these reports will be used to make recommendations to improve our family courts. 

VOLUNTEERSWe are looking for leaders in our Court Watching Program.

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Our KBYG program teach practical steps to prevent and eliminate further litigation.  Learn what to do before abuse is reported and what resources you should contact in order to protect your children.  Starting an abuse claim properly is probably the most important thing you can do. Anyone who has children or knows someone with children needs to know what our court system is setting up for our future.


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