PPC Priorities





Texas Lawyer’s Oath to require the pledging attorney to “conduct oneself with integrity and civility in dealing with and communicating with the court and all parties.”





  • Requiring digital recording devices in all family court rooms. 

  • Providing equal access to pro se litigants.

  • Updating the Texas Family Code to prevent immunity in court appointments.

  • Ensure civil rights and due process to all.

  • Educating Texas families about the process.

  • Preserving parents’ rights and allowing them to provide for and nurture their own children.

  • Uplifting the best professionals and showing consumers how to know the difference

  • The integrity of our legal system and restoring the public trust being displaced by unethical family court practices.

  • Turn discussions into solutions on Facebook.

  • Contribute solutions, better resources and to reform existing policies.


Watch  Divorce Corp. and No Way Out But One documentaries for more insight into why so many parents are asking for help.  

The documentary Kids for Cash released June 2014.  These stories have a common thread, and that is deception using our court system and taking advantage of vulnerable parties — especially when children are involved.

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