233rd District Judge blames watchdog group for death of child

 Judge blames watchdog group for death of child 

January 23, 2017


The public should be outraged 233rd District Judge Bill Harris of Tarrant County blames the judicial watchdog group, Protective Parents Coalition (PPC) for the death of 4-year-old Leiliana Rose.

Tarrant County 233rd Associate Judge Diane Haddock / Leiliana Rose

On March 13, 2016, Leiliana Rose died and the mother and boyfriend are being charged with her death.

Many news agencies have reported the systemic failures at Child Protective Services and the family court, which ultimately led to Leiliana’s death. 

The mother was a known drug addict, had history with CPS and jailed for two years for a burglary charge.  These facts were known by the court, yet Leiliana was ordered to live with her mother.

On January 20, 2017, Judge Bill Harris wrote a comment on a public Facebook page blaming  Protective Parents Coalition  for Leiliana’s death.



Post made on a public Facebook page by District Judge of the 233rd Tarrant County court.


“If the concerns…had ever been brought to the Associate Judge or the Distract[sic] Judge, an innocent life might had been saved.  I hope the responsible parties can live with their failure to that little girl. ”    

–  Judge Bill Harris, 233rd District Judge in Tarrant County





Judge Bill Harris does not name PPC, but the insinuation of the comment attempts to discredit the judicial watchdog group and the Executive Director.  The administrator of this Facebook page is the spouse of Judge Harris’ associate judge, Diane Haddock.  

The purpose of any watchdog group is to keep an eye on issues negatively impacting the community and to warn members of the community when potential or actual problems arise.  Any decision made regarding child custody falls clearly on the judges, not on judicial watchdog groups.  

Judge Bill Harris and Associate Judge Diane Haddock are the ones who failed, as usual, to listen and collect facts that would have lead to justice, and protection of Leiliana Rose.  

PPC is here to remind the courts they must not ignore the law, they must rule by law.  It is the interests of the children that must be protected. 

The name “Leiliana” is of Hawaiian origin and means “heavenly lei (flowers), royal child.”  God bless Leiliana.



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