Judge Diane Haddock ruling puts child in harms way

Judge Diane Haddock ruling puts child in harms way

March 29, 2016


233rd Associate Judge Diane Haddock, Fort Worth, Texas

233rd Associate Judge Diane Haddock granted this mother sole managing conservator of her daughter. And now the child is dead and the mother charged.

Another example of Judge Haddock’s order harming children by placing children in unfit homes. Texas judges are required to meet the ‘best interests standard’ and Associate Judge Haddock is failing.

District Judge Bill Harris of the 233rd Court selected her, therefore he is held accountable for Haddock’s reckless decisions under his watch.

This case is an example of children dying due to the family court judges’ sadistic rulings.

Associate Judge Order: CLICK HERE 

District Final Order: CLICK HERE




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