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Family courts and Child Protective Services are not designed to properly investigate crimes against children.  Child custody evaluators charged with protecting children are not qualified.  They are trained by special interest groups to promote conflict within the families.  The more conflict, the more ‘services’ the families require and all of these cost the families money in many times they do not have.  In order to protect children we encourage the following changes to help guard against retaliation, intimidation and incompetence by the custody decision makers.


    •   Install audio/visual digital recorders in the District Judge and Associate Judge courtrooms.
    •   De-fund all fatherhood and access and visitation grant (A/V) funds.

  •    Stop the county currently raising money for private parties through legislation.  

  •    Prohibit judges from court ordering families to participate in fee based private services and programs, like appointing amicus attorneys for children.
  •    Create Task Forces to provide oversight and accountability over family courts.

  •    Implement a differentiated case management system for family court cases.

    •   Redefine the state's role in family law. 

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