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We believe as a society parents take care of our kids

But the courts believe they can do a better job…….



What if you divorce, the other parent wants to modify the current custody arrangement or worse, federal grant money passed down to the Domestic Relations Office used as an incentive for the courts to maintain conflict in your family?

What if  “in the best interests of children” is lost in our current family court system?  There is no oversight or accountability by the Judicial Commission or State Bar Association to regulate misconduct by judges and attorneys.

Here are some current examples witnessed in Tarrant County Family Courts:
•    Courts discredit and suppress evidence of child abuse.
•    Judges appoint quasi-judicial roles, like amicus, to protect the court and not the child.
•    You do not have a right to retain counsel in family court.  The judge can fire your attorney and you are forced to represent yourself.
•   Judges routinely act as experts and make medical, mental health and health diagnoses from the bench often resulting in a loss of custody of child(ren) to one or both parents.  (ie: Munchausen by proxy, parental alienation, and suicidal)
•    Children are discouraged from trusted therapists and ordered to only see forensic therapists while ordered to never see their previous therapist again.
•    The courts sanction and blame domestic violence victims by taking children from their home by reversing the interpretation of Texas Family Code 153.004.
•    Judges threaten litigants inside and outside the courtroom to take their children from them just because they don’t like them.
•    Judges interview children alone in their chambers with no witnesses or record of the child’s testimony.  Children have complained the record is in accurate and as a result were forced into an unfit home.
•    Children are threatened with juvenile detention centers when they disagree with the home the judge ordered the child to go to.

Protective Parents Coalition is not going to sit back and allow future generations of children be forced into dysfunctional and uncertain futures.

An important step in protecting future Texas families will be to stop the grant money and make significant changes in our Texas Family Code providing confidentiality and immunity of court appointments by allowing them to make such reckless decisions.


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