Mar 31 2014

Court Watching Report: March 26, 2014 in 324th District Court

Compassionate Adoption Observed

Adoption-Day-2007“I would like to say how moved I was by the conduct of Judge Hennigan to the children that were being adopted. Judge Hennigan talked directly to the children and their siblings, and extended family members present to watch these beautiful children being adopted. As a court watcher, it was the most touching and tearful moving sight to observe. I have watched adoptions in other court rooms, but this particular day, to watch Judge Hennigan talk to all the children present during these proceedings warmed my heart. In addition to the one on one that Judge Hennigan displayed to the children, at the closure all the children were allowed to choose one item from behind the bench…..each child walked away with a stuffed animal that they cherished and held as they walked out of the courtroom. In addition, Judge Hennigan allowed pictures to be taken, and did not rush the families nor the children. I sat and observed with a smile on my face and walked away with my heart warmed by this observation. I applaud you Judge Hennigan for the compassion and humanity displayed on this date.” – Court Watcher


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