Court Watchers Needed

Now the real work begins in Tarrant County

November 16, 2016


tarrant courtWe have heard your horrific stories of abuse of power, extortion, quid pro quo, intimidation, threats, fraud, bias, corruption, denial of due process, cronyism, perjury, denial of parental rights, ex parte meetings, and children used as pawns in the Tarrant family courts.  Please continue to share your experience with us through Facebook, Twitter and through email.  

Today, those same acts are occurring in the family courts and in fact, the judges are digging in their heels and refusing to clean up their acts on the bench.  Judges report they are overworked, pray over cases everyday, and make decisions in the best interests of the children. 

In order to eliminate associate judges from the family courts, we need documentation to support the limited hours (and cases) they hear each day.  For the last three years PPC has been court watching, we have seen the district judges and associate judges working a part-time schedule. Download form here.

Many people have reached out to us asking how to help reform the family courts.  This is how you can help.

We have attached a form that can be downloaded and printed.    On your free time, stop by the Tarrant Family Courthouse any time/any day and take a stroll through the courthouse.  All the district and associate judge courtrooms are on the 4th and 5th floors. Some judges leave the double doors open and you can see inside the courtroom.  Others, close the doors and you will have to open the door and peek in.  All you are doing is filling in the information on the form.  

If you would like to stick around and court watch cases, have a seat and observe.  A pen and notepad is all you will need.  The judges have expressed the public is always welcome in their courts and the bailiffs have been instructed to be courteous.  No one should attempt to intimidate you in these public courtrooms.  If you feel this has occurred, please notify PPC immediately.   Copies of your court watching notes can be emailed to PPC @, or mailed to the address on the form.

Tarrant County Family Courthouse 
200 East Weatherford Street
Fort Worth, TX  76196 

P:  817-884-1265


screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-7-25-57-amThank you everyone for participating and supporting PPC in our effort to improve our family courts.


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