Associate Judge Beebe Retires After 20 Years of Service

Associate Judge Lisa Beebe’s last day on the bench is April 30, 2014.

BeebeThe 231st District Judge is currently interviewing attorneys to replace the associate judge for the 231st District Court. District Judge Nevarez does not have children and the current 231st Associate Judge Beebe has been married three times and has never had a judge rule in any of her divorces.

Let’s hope the future 231st Associate Judge is an ethical and experienced parent who will not take pleasure in dividing families in Tarrant County.

Judges must strive for the highest standards of integrity in both their professional and personal lives. They should be knowledgeable about the law, willing to undertake in-depth legal research, and able to write decisions that are clear and cogent. Their judgment should be sound and they should be able to make informed decisions that will stand up to close scrutiny. Judges should be fair and open-minded, and should appear to be fair and open-minded. They should be good listeners but should be able to ask questions that get to the heart of the issue before the court. They should be courteous in the courtroom but firm when it is necessary to rein in a rambling lawyer, a disrespectful litigant or an unruly spectator. And above all, the judge shall have compassion, or there is no justice.

Let’s hope Beebe’s bench is filled with a qualified replacement.

Fort Worth Star Telegram’s article about Tarrant County 231st Associate Judge Lisa Beebe


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