Anybody working?

TAXPAYERS – Tarrant County Family Courthouse is a ghost town.

Court watchers have been present on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays….and yet each day the case loads per court are extremely light. On paper the courts show approximately 10 cases on their morning docket, but attorneys settle these out of court and cancel hearings. Sometimes our judges leave at 11am because their docket was eliminated.

Why are taxpayers paying 12 family court judges on average $158,000 a year? That is $1.74 million just in judge salaries. Each district court has administrators as well. How much are those salaries combined?

Dallas County has one more district family court than Tarrant County, yet Dallas handles three times the case load Tarrant handles. Tarrant County has a couple of judges that handle our IV-D court cases handling over 8,000 cases. The 12 family judges handle about 21,000 new cases, however only 15,634 appear to be active annually.

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