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PPC_800x600Protective Parents Coalition is dedicated to providing an impartial assessment of the effectiveness of family courts in dealing with custody, visitation, support and property issues. Our goal is to educate the public about abuse and eliminate the programs that work against hearing the voices of abused children. 

In 2012, a  group of parents started researching patterns, court protocols and private/public funding that might be linked to the unusual decisions made in the family courts. In child custody cases, the parents felt children were being legally taken away from protective parents and placed with the alleged abusive parent.  Usually when allegations of sexual, physical or medical neglect are made, the protective parent is accused of ‘parental alienation’ and lose custody of their children they were trying to protect.  As a group, the parents decided to educate the public about the unethical child custody evaluators were making by forming an organization called Protective Parents Coalition (PPC).

The court’s purpose is to rule in the “best interests of the child’ but we believe the purpose has been forgotten.  Courts are profiting by dragging out child custody cases, ordering exorbitant attorney fees and ordering fee based court programs and services until the parents are bankrupt.

Knowledge is power and PPC hopes to empower other parents with information so parents can understand decisions made in cases can actually help child custody evaluators profit.  


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